Profiling/Stereotyping While Shopping - Food Lion

In June 2013, Food Lion on Eastern Boulevard in Fayetteville, NC, must have instructed their armed security guards to follow me around in the store while I shop.

I filed numerous complaints to the Corporate Office at 2110 Executive Drive, Salisbury, NC 28145, but continue to get the same ‘ We’re looking into it’ response. I have witnessed a black female in May 2013, cursing at the security guard and showing her money and told the guard and the staff that ‘Yall think every black person steals’, then she gathered her three small kids and exited the store. The management never intervened.  I also witness a near physical confrontation with a guard and male black customer, and again management never intervened.

I have been shopping at this store since 1984, when I moved here from Louisiana, and now they have me followed? All I asked the Corporate Office to do is tell me why I am being followed each time I come to shop. Even if I quit shopping there, the problem would still exist. Whether people steal or not, what does it has to do with me being followed each time I come into the store?

I am a retired County employee, receive two checks a month, house is paid for [no mortgage], got a truck that is paid for, and if it was not rightly earned, then I want no part of it.

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