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The milton foodlion has went right down to the gutter since a new manager was sent there. His name is Joe Kent. I will never forget the morning of ****.

We went to the store at 715 a week ago and the store manager was up front telling us he can not ring us up because he said “i do not know how to run a register”. I went to get a money order and he said the same thing.

Look, the store has went to the drain. if you do not believe me go there and ask the store manager Joe Kent to ring you up on the register.

The town of Milton has called in on the new management and nothing is being done. So, we the people of milton. Lincoln are going to start a petition to have him transferred out of there before food lion loses a lot of customers. He is very rude to people and does not make you feel at home like the last store manager rob hollown.

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