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Branch / Location of Complaint: Food Lion #1671
Address: 425 Wythe Creek Road Poquoson, Virginia 23662

I had $150 of meat products bagged and in the basket when my personal check was refused electronically…The manager said it was the middle man for the bank and we had an 800 number to call…I used a credit card to pay for the groceries and left…Came home, called and had to wait to get a live person today…

We went to the bank first today and they have no middle man; so we went to the store…Of course, the manager i had yesterday is on vacation but the checkout clerk recognized me…The customer service made the same phone call (as did the bank) but a man at the other end would not say what the limit was and that we should start writing smaller checks to avoid the problem———-wrong answer………….

So now i am complaining to corporate offices to see what can happen…Needless to say, i have never had a check refused and i was in tears from the incident.,..Something is wrong and it should not impact on me…

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