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I bought 6 hoses of different lengths from Flex-Able Hose. I ordered them in December but did not receive them until February. I did not start using them until May when plants had been planted and needed to be watered. In that time 3 of those hoses have burst. They would start leaking right around the plastic piece that screws into the nozzle.

A few seconds after the leak starts the hose would burst at this spot like a balloon. They are a great idea, light weight, easy to store but very poor quality.

When they arrived, my husband made the comment that these would not last long. He was so right. If someone could make these of quality i would repurchase. I called the company, they have agreed to let me return them and they will replace them, but again how long will they last?

I am not even sure if I will spend the money to return and then have them burst again.

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