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I bought buy one get one free, Flexable hose. Upgraded to the “heavy duty” model. It took about 3 months to arrive. I filled out a card to cancel order which was ignored. I received the hoses on March 5, 2013. They both are now broken and leaking.

I called the company and they refuse to do anything. We are 17 days past the 60 day warranty and all they offer is another hose for a discounted price.

Like I would spend one more nickel with them! I have seen that i’m not the only one complaining

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bought 1 with 1 free, first one split they replace and wanted me to return the damaged one at my expense. got the replacement and it split along with the other original. they offered to replace if i paid the shipping and handling. told them to kiss my a*s.

I ordered flexable in Dec 2012 arrived mar 5 2013. The hose lasted about 5 months then sprung leakes, customer svc refused to replace it saying only had a 90 day warranty. the hose is a piece of junk. I do not recommend anyone buying this hose

How did you get ahold of xhose to even check on your orders. I can’t find a phone number anywhere and it has been 6 weeks since I ordered

I purchased two flexible hoses and within a couple of months one exploded in my son’s face hitting him underneath his eye and a few weeks later the other one exploded and the nozzle flew off and almost broke a window. I called the company after the first hose exploded and they basically said so sad too bad. I am contemplating filing a lawsuit to get this garbage product off the market!
I really loved the concept but it is totally a defective product!

I have now gone through my fourth hose that needs returning.

I ordered the 75′ Flex Hose and one month later it busted about 6′ from the nozzle. $29 plus shipping shot. I got another one from CVS store and it done the same thing it busted in about the same area, again $19 shot. So I’ve spent $48 dollars on junk hoses and I could have gotten me a really nice rubber hose for the money. Pass the word on this junk hose. It won’t take long to put them out of business.

Bought the buy one get one free 50 footers on May 31, 2013, today is July 5th and both of them are broken and totally useless. I called the company and they will send a return label, but I need to pay shipping and handling both ways. I won’t be spending another dime on crappy merchandise like this. This company should have to make full compensation for the money spent for their inferior product. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!!!

they don’t last….both hoses leak at the seams. not worth the money

bought two pocket hoses the first one nozzle was broken, the second one the seam popped and the third one the hose seperated from the nozzle. I agree with all the people who have purchased this piece of junk. Ibought one from Walmat but they refused to exchange the damaged one because I didn’t have a receipt.

Same here, 1 week old sprung 2 leaks, crap

I ordered the Flexible Hose on May 8, 2013. I have yet to receive either (buy one, get one free). With all these negative comments, How do I cancel my order?

Same problem here. Two pocket hoses are hosed. Bunch of crap


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