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What a scam… We purchase a FLEX ABLE HOSE and at first were delighted with the product. What a great concept. Unfortunately shortly after we purchased it sprung a leak. I purchased this product at Target but wanted to go directly to the company for trouble shooting or replacement. (As a company I would want to know my product deficiencies) Unfortunately… no place to contact about this specific product.

After researching further I discovered there were many complaints about the same issue. I found a contact number in one of the comments.. OF COURSE… I spoke to CHARLIE IN INDIA OR some middle eastern location. NO HELP… He could not provide any information, could not give me any direction. BASICALLY… to bad so sad lady, you have been had.

This is the second product I got sucked into from this company that didn’t live up to its promises. I will NEVER purchase another made for TV product distributed through Tristar and I SUGGEST ANYONE CONTEMPLATING ANY PRODUCT… RESEARCH THE COMPLAINTS FIRST!

Now… this is a fantastic concept and whoever does it right, will be millionaires.


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The concept of the flexible hose is great. However, the ONE I ordered thru PCH lasted less than six months when it sprung a leak AFTER only five or six times using. I really like the hose and the light weight and concept. NOW I need to find someone who cares and is willing to replace my hose with one that will last longer than six times using. The leak is right where the hose joins the water faucet fitting. MORE water comes out of the hose around the faucet fitting than comes out the spray nozzle end of the… Read more »

Fine…..i just want a new flex hose that works and will not spring a leak after only using six times….I had recommended the hose to several others…..not a good sell now that mine is not working….


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