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I placed an order for two flexable hoses on January 30th – one 50 foot and one 75 foot. The order automatically doubled, so four hoses expected for $108. The expected delivery time of 2-3 weeks came and went – called them and story was, its on back order. Will be shipped soon.

Called again – got a date they should arrive. Date came & went.

Called again – so very sorry – but still on back order.

Called again – another date for shipment given this last Friday – April 26th, yes April (I placed the order in JANUARY!)

Called today (April 29th), and got the first rep #60 – who said it must be a lost order but before I could get anywhere, we were cut off. Okay, so call back in and got another rep – LaToya #52 or #62 who said no, no lost order and no one should have given me ship dates or delivery dates because they just never know…

so now back in flexible hose order limbo land… they’ll send me an email when it ships but sorry that’s all she can tell me. I think after 3 months the things ought to be FREE – but now that I’m reading the complaints about poor quality, I might as well bag the order and wait until the company that has the patent on this gets their stuff together and makes a quality product that they can ship on time.

Great concept but lousy follow thru & customer service.

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I am so angry about flexible water hose site. I bought the dual one and it took weeks to come . My neighbor really liked it so Igave them one to try. She came back and told me to order her the same buy one get one free dual layer 75 ft. I went to the same site to put in ann order and it didn’t show dual layer. I worked about two days trying to understand why I could order it. I decided I bet when you put the order in; it comes up and you add it. So,… Read more »

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