Feb 2013 TV ad by Directv shows small dog attacked and swept away by eagle - DIRECTV

I was watching TV with my family last night (Feb 9, 2013) when an ad by DirecTV was aired showing a couple leaving their home with a small dog (Chihuahua). As the dog exits the front door to the house, a large bird (eagle) sweeps down and grabs the little dog with its talons. In a moment, the predator bird flies away with the little dog, and we know it will have killed and eaten this dog as the logical conclusion.

This is not funny nor amusing. What is the purpose but to terrorize the consumer by showing a horrible scene. EVERYBODY who owns a dog, whether small or large, loves their dog as a family member. The loss of a dog to an accident is tragic. The loss of a dog to a predator attack is emotionally disturbing and damaging — not only to anyone who has suffered this experience — but to people who have dogs.

This is like showing a TV ad with a mother suddenly having someone steal her child in a moment of distraction. Not funny. Not TV-worthy.

So what does this tell us about DIRECTV that allows such an ad to be aired. If an advertising agency suggested this ad, I would fire them.


The loss of a family’s small dog to a predator attack does happen in the “real world” and is something that causes fear and concern. My family was deeply disturbed by this ad and suffered hurt as a result. It is no way to sell a product or service. Shame on DIRECTV. BOYCOTT DIRECTV.

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I just saw this disgusting commercial again last night. I have been a long time subscriber to directv and this is making me think about how much longer I will be with them if this kind of sick commercial advertising continues. What is also disgusting it the fact they actually paid some heartless idiot to make it. I have two Chihuahua’s and don’t find this in the least bit amusing and also wonder if they have thought of or even care about the effect it may have on some people who watch it. If this is the best you can… Read more »

Im glad someone else thought that commercial was bad taste. Unfortunely the people that made this commercial have the same twisted ignorant cruel useless POS that made the ignorant comments on this post.

I want this commerical STOPPED NOW. It is tasteless and not in the least bit funny. Stop showing this stupid add.

Best commercial ever!!! Dogs suck.

Not only is this commercial tasteless it equates the importance of television viewing with the death of a living creature (the Chihuahua). There is nothing amusing or of social value to be had from the callous and diminished representation of a life…any life. Get it right Direct TV, a living animal IS more precious than whether a consumer buys your product or is able to record multiple shows for later viewing. I am appalled by this corporation and their irresponsible position as regards responsible social behaviors which must encompass the protection and kind treatment of ALL living species on the… Read more »

Horrible and distasteful ! Direct tv has a cruel scence of humor
And should reconsider their advertising team.

STFU you whiny crying ****, it’s a commercial!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You must work for Directv.

You’re right. It’s just a comment. And here’s another one. That commercial is freaking hilarious!

P.S. I have a minature dachshund and I don’t lie awake at night worrying about eagles.

I am so glad that there are so many caring people out there. I too am sick when I see that Ad. I wouldn’t pick Direct TV now if they paid me. I just lost one of my little dogs and that TV ad brought back memories. IT IS NOT FUNNY!

In my opinion, the saddest thing is, everyone gets more fired up over an animal than the mistreatment of the fellow humans. In that respect, I guess it’s far more acceptable to mistreat a baby or child, than some small animal we consider to be a pet. Wow……..

Why do people make these stupid comments so often? To be concerned about the shocking death of a family pet doesn’t mean you are uncaring about the plight of abused children. What kind of dumbass makes this assumption?

This awful commercial from DirecTV with the hawk cry while scooping up a little doggies, makes me jump when it comes on and my poor dogs start barking over the sound. I am so fed up with advertising lately … sounds are imposed into every ad (even the news) to get our attention. D**n, door bells (dogs bark at that too if it sounds like our doorbell), cell phone sounds, honks, and now this awful, awful, hawk sound! Getting **** at JCP’s latest ads because of this too! Yep… the dumbing up of America continues. It is called sound recognition… Read more »

I was so appalled by this commercial I sent a letter requesting it be removed to the CEO. I personally know people who have had their little dog carried away by a hawk and it devastated them. I can only imagine how horrified they would be by seeing a commercial like this. It is very cruel and insensitive and if Directv thinks this is funny then they will never get my business.

The CEO? Yeah, I am sure he’ll stop whatever he is doing and get right to your request, NOT! Get a life! The CEO is probably on his yacht reading these responses on his tablet or laptop and laughing his **** off!

Well, Too funny!, I do have a life and my little dog is a big part of it. Maybe the CEO is on his yacht laughing but maybe he is also paying attention to the negative comments and will change their advertising.

You folks that are complaining….well, you sorta need a life…just sayin….lighten up. IT’s a COMMMMMERRRCCCIIIIAAALLL….not reality.

Not trying to be mean but you ppl are ridiculous. One of direct tv’s previous commercials had a man get his eye poked out and got jumped in an alley because he had an eye patch. It was hilarious. You probably smirked a little (cant imagine you laughing). But as soon as something happens to a dog, it’s sheer outrage. Why can’t you distinguish fantasy from reality when it comes to animals? Get a hobby.

People need to give their complaining a serious break. It’s just a commercial, I have a small chihuahua and you don’t hear me complaining.. Take responsibility for your own pets and stop crying. Please get off of your much too high horses.

This TV Ad SUCKS!!! :-o As an Owner of 2 small Dogs, THIS IS MY WORST FREAKING NIGHTMARE!!!! And YES, it CAN and DOES Happen, and it’s not the LEAST BIT AMUSING!!!!! PULL THIS HORRIBLE TV COMMERCIAL NOW, or We maybe forced to DISCONTINUE our Service with Direct TV!!! >:-( Insensitive Idiotic Morons!!!! WHOEVER THOUGHT THIS would be FUNNY???!!!!

Get over it. It’s just a commercial.

Get over it. It’s just a comment.

You’re right. It’s just a comment. And here’s another one. That commercial is freaking hilarious!

P.S. I have a minature dachshund and I don’t lie awake at night worrying about eagles.

I guess i would cry if i saw a hawk carry away my last six pack and have its ‘ hawklings’drink it to the last drop. Now thats stupid. Youre remarks show me that you dont care what others say and place your values over others. Me, me, me. Typical animal nut. Save the whales but don’t matter if a couple of humans die.

Too many rednecks don’t understand that other people have the right to their opinion.

I agree totally. Dog people are very caring, have large numbers and have loud voices. We know how to make our voices heard in mass. Everybody I know has spread the word about this ad through every possible social contact, business contact, and social media. I really want direct t.v.’s bottom line to suffer for this. The only way to make a statement to cruel money hungry people and corporations is through their profits. If you don’t know what happens when a small dog is grabbed by a bird of prey, google "images for dog hawk attack -report images." And… Read more »

My son and I were watching Too Cute, a show about kittens and puppies in their first weeks of life. Then the Direct TV commercial came on. Who the HECK would put that type of commercial on during a show about puppies and kittens. It’s gross and the ad is sorely misplaced during that show.

You could’ve stopped at the first 12 words…

I am appalled at this commercial! HOW does this get anyone to buy from Direct TV? Quite the opposite really, Turns me away totally from this company.

Yeah, it is not funny at all. After all, it’s just a small dog. It would really be funny if it was a small child.

Joker: I think it’s time for your nap.

It’s all about what means something to you. I wouldn’t want it to happen to a anybody, but I get your point.

Well, just think about this.

Many dog lovers are partial to big dogs. In fact, I have heard many dog lovers jokingly compare toy dogs to rodents.

It is not that anybody doesn’t care about the small dog, but it is just funny.

I mean, it’s like watching a small dog get flipped inside a hamster wheel. You just have to laugh. It would not be funny if it were real. Just like it would not be funny if many of the things you see in commercials were real.

I do not find that commercial funny at all. It is insensitive and inconsiderate. I personally know someone that had this happen to their dog. Please remove this commercial from the air.

eat a** and besides thier GENIE is ugly

Adman: Say what?

You may need a very thick pair of strong prescription spectacles.

I concur….lighten the **** up……..it’s hilarious…..and I have a Boston Terrier….

Good for you but Boston’s aren’t threatened. You’ve never had to worry about your dog being carried off, they’re too big. Birds of prey only go after smaller dogs. I don’t worry my chow getting attacked either, but my chihuahuas I have to monitor constantly because there have been two attacks on two small dogs in our area this month. That makes it more personal to me. Boston’s are really great dogs. I know you must really enjoy yours. My aunt had a male for years and he was so smart and sweet. When he died we grieved him like… Read more »

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