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My complaint is on the shopping carts. The cross bar in the bottom back of the cart is a hazard. especially when your going around the Isle’s and you bump the bottom corner of the Isle for the reason that there is so much stuff laying between the Isle’s. the bottom part of your leg ( Shin bone ) will hit that cross bar. which is what happened to my wife and caused a large lump on her leg that I needed to ice down so it would go down.

she complained to the cashier at the time of the incident. and the cashier did not seem to worry about it. she did not take down any information on the incident. we also heard form another cashier that that’s not the first time people have complained about that issue.

when you walk in this store there seems to be stuff laying all around the Isle’s boxes stacked up to high. there was another incident where a box fell on my Mother in laws head. luckily the box was not heavy.

we live in a small town and we’re always hearing complaints from friends about that store on all the stuff in between the Isle’s. Management should be on top of what’s going on at that store. I’ve been in that store many time’s and I’ve never seen the manager there but may be once.

Family Dollar Stores Inc – 1016 E. Gravis San Diego, Texas 78384

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