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I bought a 03 mountaineer from fairfield motors a month ago, my engine already blew up. I called them explained everything to them the rep told to. hold on and advised another rep of the issue as he got on the phone and began to act as if he had no idea what vehicle I was talking about and I said to him, “i know they just told you what vehicle and what was wrong with it” he then got an attitude and said he was on the phone so I then repeated the information of the vehicle and I bought it a month ago and the engine was blown already, he then told me to hold so he could get my file and was bad mouthing me to his fellow employees, stating that he does not know who my smart **** thinks hes talking to,

after he got back on the phone I told him, yes I am being a smart **** I just bought this vehicle a month ago and the engine is blown im out of a car now, he then stated that I better watch who im talking to and referred to me as “boy” I told him im about to get a lawyer and sue them he then told me to do what the f**k I got to do and hung up on me.

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