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I joined the agency because I was close to visit Ukraine for along time with a business trip.

I had an idea to meet Ukrainian girl in personal. So I became a client of the agency and received hundreds of emails from the different Ladies (paid for each letter). It was very suspicious for me unless I’ve met one charming Lady. I was mailing only with her, we spent hundreds of hours in front of the monitor.

Finally I met her in Ukraine and we’ve been to many dates. Honestly, even now I can’t believe that I met her online. Soon we became a couple and eventually I proposed to her.

Now we are married and we live together in my home country. I never believed in online dating, but I must be a lucky one.

As to high prices, indeed they are high, sometimes even too much. In total I spent around 3000$.

I do not think it is a big money, for instance if I have been looking for a wife in my home country, I would spent so much more money.

Anyway agency did a great job and I am boundlessly happy with my wife.

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I would never try my luck in such a way. But who knew I could enjoy looking for my soulmate abroad. When I made a final decision to join an on-line dating agency I didn’t know which one to choose. There are so many of them on the Internet and how could I know what site is reliable and what one is fraud. Among a numerous number of the sites I turned my attention to uadreams and no regrets, guys! I’ve been a paying member for almost a year now and I have even traveled to Ukraine to meet my… Read more »
I had my hesitations about uadreams because I read bad articles online about it. But I have found them not to be true & the lady I met is wonderful. Gentlemen, let’s speak the truth! We don’t come to uadreams for beautiful scenery or a very kind agency staff. They are real and you’ll see them if you want. No we come for the amazing women – modest, well-educated & beautiful. If you know how to speak about your life and feelings, if you know how to listen closely when a woman speaks, real women live here who will want… Read more »

I’ve some good words for uadreams. Firstly, they check all girls status regularly. I’d some cases when girl have a profile in vk or fb and there she posted some photos with her bf.) But that was in the past after some suggestions to the stuff. And such girls have been removed from the base immediately. Secondly, I like the perfect job of support center. they urgently investigate any problem I had, moreover they keep me informed about.

Being tired from casual encounters I decided to turn into online dating. I never thought to meet someone from abroad, however I was pleasantly shocked how sincere and open Ukrainian girls are. Maybe I am the lucky one, but I never had any complaints with uadreams. I did not expect to find myself in a fairy tale, but uadreams made me feel like I visited one. I started talking to different girls at once and a few of them loved my letters back. Since uadreams has a great staff, they do their work perfect, correspondence is delivered and translated in… Read more »

I know that some good words must be said about girls who are happened to be real in some experienced agencies, I mean among famous Ukrainian online dating websites. I’ve checked the picture and I am about to say that I like some. I like pages with simple banners and buttons, I like big phone numbers or any contact info to see, I like updating and site control. However I still think about great money value of such system and to be honest such expensive tricks leads to great money, is that a scam smell? Ha?

I am 45 and I am just simple European guy. I was impressed by UaDreams Support Center that responded to all my questions, actually I was doubt seriously to join this website or not as I had scam experience with another dating Ukrainian agency. Indeed normally I do not believe if all ladies are really single when registered. Captured many times by scammers I was desperate to start communicating with any lady online. But here it is safe as they do not allow giving personal information to each other. And you can communicate personally if meet in live. That gives… Read more »

More info at :
This will help all of you, to choose right .

Stop slandering uadreams gentlemen. If you do not want to pay fees… don’t! I cannot deny that I myself met a woman from Ukraine through another member only paid site. It was suggested that we could continue to correspond through another site, soon after I received an invite to uadreams. In the beginning I was skeptical of this practice of meeting a woman then being invited to a free site called uadreams that had a fee rate based on mail, chat, pictures and videos. I was not involved with the site for a year or so, then one day I… Read more »

Seriously do a Google search on Uadreams scam:

Dont misslead the people.

God bless all.

UADREAMS claims to welcome negative as well as positive criticism but, in reality, make just ONE adverse criticism and you will be shut out of it’s web-site. A sure sign of GUILT from this criminal dating agency, the owner and staff of which should be in jail.

I’ve been in touch with this agency for a long time. Their website looks magnificent and attracts attention at the first sight. Charming Ladies just in one click – isn’t that perfect? Of course it is, but in order to establish strong relationships with the Lady, you have to spent a lot of time and money. So did I. I do not understand why people are so bothered with dating scam. Any person at any time might be a scammer, don’t you think so? There are no guaranties of safety at all, so you have to be in it to… Read more »
After a short correspondence with Ukrainian girl Irina I realized that she is a number one applicant for a vacancy of my wife. My trip to her native town Lutsk was long and exhaustive. Almost all information in Kiev was in Ukrainian, with Cyrillic letters, so I felt like a totally illiterate moron. I damned myself for not ordering car transportation from uaDreams.com. When I first met with Ira I was so very tired. Possibly, she was not impressed by my appearance then. The next day me, Ira and our interpreter walked to see Lutsk amenities. Agency’s employee Mariana showed… Read more »

Ok so were is the proof of happly marriage at least for example 2 years then? Anyone can say anything, but people ned proof of your claims:
As a simple google search uadreams scam shows te ovious truth.


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