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I thought I’d try this company as they had a great first time discount offer. I placed an order on JAN 14th and when I looked into why it had not arrived by FEB 14th was told the item had not been shipped from the manufacturer and the credit card “drops off after a month” and I’d need to give them the card info again. I did and when I finally got a notice that the order had shipped (March 10th) but after I checked the details, it was the wrong order number with NO tracking information listed where it should have been.

When I brought this to their attention and asked for a refund…the message I got was “Unfortunately we are unable to track your package, and it appears to be lost. ” They did refund my money by MARCH 14th! 2 months later!!!!

They totally wasted my time! This has been the worst service I have ever experienced and I very rarely file a complaint. Go to Vita Cost or Lucky Vitamin. Never had a problem with orders arriving in a very timely manner and good prices.

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