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On 2/5/13 I placed an order with the drvita.com web-site. I had even contacted them via email ahead of time to let them know exactly which products I would be ordering, and on what date.

At this time, my order is still showing as “Not Yet Shipped” when I log in to their web-site to check my order. I have sent a couple of emails inquiring about my order and have not received one response.

So, it has been 10 days, they have my money and I have no products, no reply – nothing. I am very disappointed with their service.

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I was considering seriously silver purchase with Rosland but due to what I read here, I am having second thoughts.

Dear Valued Customer,

Please contact us during the business hours of 7am-7pm PST 1-800-211-4188 or Service@drvita.com. We are eager to help you out with your concerns.


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