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I saw the infomercial for the NutriBullet and called to place an order despite an intuitive impulse NOT TO! Once on the phone, I had to endure a long list of sales pitches about extended warranties etc. and have to admit, they are pretty slick as I did fork over more than I intended for a warranty that any consumer group will tell you is just another income source for the company. I paid about $120 in total for an item I could have purchased, I found out later, for $80 tops at such places as K-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond etc. But, hey, I was getting a warranty AND the hard cover recipe book! Big deal, right?

I received the product in timely fashion, but the first thing i noticed was how badly it smelled. Like a toxic dump. I left all the parts out to off-gas as I otherwise had to evacuate the kitchen when utilizing the machine. It is noisy, for sure, but hey, so are some blenders so I took that in stride. But the quality of the product is very suspicious. I do not use the Bullet every day, nor for pulverizing anything of any substance. Maybe a banana and a spoonful of protein powder. Without any real use, and certainly no abuse, the pulverizing blade LEAKS through the shaft attaching the blade to the drive wheel. This is NOT a result of my ineptness, as I’m very mechanically inclined. THE LEAKAGE PROBLEM IS INHERENT TO THE DESIGN!

Now, of course, I’m getting nothing but busy signals from customer service. Too bad. A company with integrity could turn this around and use it to build a really great little tool.


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DR OZ is a sales man now from pills to hardware , if its on his show they sell thousands of products as everyone wants to trust his knowledge.
I tried Cambogia pills for diet and they don’t work, I don’t watch his show anymore.. He must sell more pills than anyone, thats seems to be all he promotes.
SMARTEN UP and don’t trust his word. They should have trials before he promotes products.. too timley..too costly..just sell

That’s not entirely true I’m afraid. Dr. Oz does make my head spin at times with ALL the many things we could, or should be taking or doing, but he’s pretty good about never promoting any specific brands. I’ve seen him say "I use this, or eat this food, but I haven’t seen him say "I recommend you buy this brand of spinach, or this brand of blender. Of course they may use a blender on the show, at times, but I’ve never noticed a blatant promotion of any. And perhaps the pills you tried may not have worked for… Read more »

I thought it was a greta product and bought it , I used it for maybe 3 months on and off, then the blades would not turn and I mean not turn. I put cloth over the blades so I didn’t get cut and had to force them to turn , they never did get loose enough to use them.. poor bearing design. buy a blender with internal blades, blenders have been around for years and these NUTRIBULLET people used the cheapest bearing they could find and they don’t hold up.


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