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Someone needs to visit our Dollar General in Monterey Va., unannounced ,and see the condition the store is in. It is in bad shape, congested aisles, filthy floors and actually has an order in it now. I understand they are going through a renovation but this is ridiculous. Someone needs to evaluate the manager of this store. From my observations if she spent more time managing the store instead of smoking cigarettes and talking on the cell phone it would be a better place to shop.

Don’t get me wrong, we need this store in Monterey but it could be better organized and operated as a public place of business. I frequent the store but am tired of moving carts full of merchandise in order to get to the product I’m am after………..

They have some very good employees and some not so good but this issue of mismanagement needs addressed to keep the store in intact. Its all we got here. I do not see the same condition in the stores in Warm Springs or Millboro or any other stores I have visited.

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