Do Not Do Business with Ever Buying -

Everbuying is the worst. I know the exchange rate makes our few pennies major bucks in this country, but this company is dishonest to the core!! Items never arrived. Filed a dispute with paypal, and they asked me to close it.

That was a major red flag!! But I kept it open, until it timed out. Paypal, issued me a refund after I sent a copy of the transcript of the conversation I was having with Sissi. After arguing with her for weeks, I still don’t have my items.

They offered me a partial refund, claiming that they were out as well, but that’s not my fault. And when I told her that I was dropping my claim with her, because Paypal issued a refund, she sarcastically said that i was real honest for getting a refund and my items. However like all the other customers, my items didn’t arrive.

I ordered back on October 20th something. I get that the deliveries take long coming from China, but I order stuff on ebay and amazon all the time, that comes from China, and it doesn’t take 2.5 months!! CAUTION: PURCHASE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


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