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While on my way from Dallas to Toronto, I had to stop at 110 Mitchell Ave. Cincinnati Exxon Mobil gas station for fuel. I was asked by the cashier to prepay inside and when asked I authorized them for $70 plus a pack of Marlboro cigarette. So, $76.09 in total. I was advised that I don’t need to come back in the store after filling and if I put less fuel, the remaining amount will be automatically put back on my card. I put around $55 worth of gas and left. Later I realized that they charged me $76.09 that was the total pre-pay amount almost $15 more than the actual amount used.

I called and spoke with Ifraj, the store manager on Jan. 2nd at phone# 513-242-6294. She took all the details from me that was on the receipt(Tran, Auth: and REG. number etc.) and promised that she will resolve the issue and call me the next day. I never received a call from her and during the last 2 days I called them several times but the cashiers kept hanging up on me and Ifraj never came on the phone to talk with me. I don`t know what to do next since the management is totally unapproachable. I even had to find their phone number on google since there was no phone number on the receipt. I have the original receipt and thinking about going to take this matter to my credit card company now.

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