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This has reference my V.C 01518140150.

I have recently bought DTH of Dish TV from online on November 2012. After few months I filed a complaint for reinstallation of DTH at my new residence from Faridabad to New Delhi. But I am still without my connection since 1st February till today. At the first time technicians came for reinstalling but after sometime refused by saying that there is no coverage area or out of network area. They charged and went back. (Although customer care department has not been reported about the charges paid by me).

I wrote a letter to customer care on 15th Feb, 13 requesting for refund me back as it is a problem by their side, why should I suffer living without television. After few days they responded through telephone and refused me for the refund. Even than I calmly reacted and accepted that nothing can be done from their side. But while a technician came again on 18th Feb, and said that it can be possible to reinstall the DTH if I pay for this. What the rubbish is this. I was always ready to pay the necessary charges. So why they stretched the days so long and enable us to live without television so longer. At first they refused and after sometime they said it can be possible.

Is Dish TV department making us fool for a long time? If the reinstallation can be possible at my residence so why they did not take any action before? Why they made us wandering? They made us mentally disturbed so long.

I wrote a letter to the customer care department requesting to refund me or reinstall the same for free of cost as they took so much time against my complaint.

After few days I got a call from service center department, they asked the number of the technician who came second time and accepted that reinstallation can be done. They even do not have any knowledge about the second time technician. And then committed that if that person is claiming that reinstallation can be done so reinstallation will done free of cost.

They have no coordination with installation/Service and other team members.

Again I received calls from customer care department saying that neither they will reinstall the DTH without the cost and nor refund me.

They are simply cheating the innocent and poor people. I am very disappointed and get frustrated of irresponsibility that has showed dish tv to me.

It is requested that kindly do the justice on same.


Tulsi Kohli

For DISH Network Representatives or Owners

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