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This started with my wife making first contact with Dish Network as we had purchased home in the country seeking both all the benefits of Cable TV and high speed internet service to our home. We were promised all would go smoothly and my Wife told Brian that I would be making contact to schedule install and review rates. I called got the same customer service representation (Brian) first name only is all we have. I revisited all benefits and was very specific needing HIGH speed internet and all the MLB baseball games available with cable tv. Went on to tell Brian that we had been getting nearly every baseball game on a package from cable called MLB Extra Innings. He went on and on about the wonderful high speed internet service and how in the spring we could get the MLB extra innings programing.

Well the first detail was the internet service was so slow that I could not use for work and at times would not even start my laptop for emails. Complained within 24 hours of the install two different technicians eventually showed up and explained that the customer service reps who take our calls often lie and mislead customers but nothing they could do. Left me to file formal complaint and after nearly a week got the internet portion cancelled with no additional charges.

Then spring has come and guess what! NO MLB EXTRA INNINGS offering from Dish Network. “This service Mr Derynck has never been an offering of ours and we are sorry” SORRY! I want to discontinue this service and now. They are giving me the run around and telling me that my install order would have been recorded and after their review board has listened to that recording (I don’t get to hear it by the way!) then they will decide if I can disconnect without paying the two year contract fee of $460.

I”m angry, upset and have been lied to by this firm and want the entire world to know so no one else gets scammed by the Dish Network business scam. These folks are dishonest, misleading, and it appears making a small fortune on disconnecting services very soon after the installs charging folks an early out fee of nearly $500.00! Unbelievable something like this can happen in America.

Don’t do business with DISH NETWORK. PS: got another bill again today and when I called got new representative told 7-10 business days for review team to make decision and that someone would be calling me no later than next Friday March 29th,2013..IF they don’t call I’ll be calling them again. Should add the only thing they can seem to do is bill me and threaten to charge me if I want to leave them. Just makes me sick to think they can do this? Why or how can this be happening in our nation?

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