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In November of 2012, prior to moving out of my home due to a divorce, I notified Dish Network that the equipment in the house was in my name and that it needed to be changed over to my ex-husbands name. They told me this was impossible, the account would have to be closed and he would have to open a new account. I closed the account making Dish Network fully aware that I was the only authorized user on the account, my new residence had free cable and our association was ended.

WRONG, they allowed my ex husband to re-connect service, he did not commit fraud, he used his own name, but despite all of the information I provided to Dish Network, they allowed him to do this.

So, I contacted Dish Network and turned off, closed account again, and re-iterated my current location, marital status and requested documentation in writing that the account was permanently closed. They assured me the matter was resolved but refused to put anything in writing. Well, guess what, this has now happened 5 TIMES!!!! Each time takes up hours of my time and does nothing to stop it from happening again.

Naturally, my ex has managed to change the account password, e-mail address associated with account, etc. Dish lets him do these things because he gives them money. They continue to allow this to happen with me as the victim because money matters, I don’t. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Dish Network. Were he not paying the bill, I would be getting billed despite doing everything in my power to end service.

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Dish is resetting contract dates to stop anyone from cancelling their contract with them, and the Government is not doing anything to help victims of this horrible fraud.


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