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Dollar General Store #07461 in Groveton has been in disarray for the past 4 months. Groveton is a small town with only two stores in which to shop. The Dollar Store being one of those, is conveniently located by senior citizen housing.

However, my complaint is there is hardly anything on shelves and what is there is unattainable. There are large stacks of boxes on roller carts lining isles. Shoppers have to push their way through and between them to maneuver the isleways. It is a hazard, as previously stated, because the stacks are so high. If something falls on someone, there will be a legitimate claim against the store.

I have taken pictures on my phone and posted to facebook, inquiring other friends if they have noticed the condition of the store. There are many who are refusing to go back in, until things are changed. They are driving to other towns to shop.

I don’t want the store to be closed, I just want it to be clear of the clutter, with shelves stocked. Otherwise I too, will be shopping out of town. This store is losing a lot of revenue and will soon lose more.

I would invite someone from corporate to do a surprise walk through.

Teresa Terry

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We have several Dollar General stores in our area and all of them are the most unkept stores I have ever seen. The health department and fire department should shut them down. Boxes of items are sitting in isles, and everything is filthy. If you value your customers, you had better clean up the mess. We are in the DeRidder-Merryville area.


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