Nightmare after Nightmare with Directv - DIRECTV

…after Nightmare after Nightmare, and then another Nightmare!!!

This company ripped me off over and over and over. I have such anxiety when I call this company. From day 1, they will say anything to get you to sign up, and once you do, your life goes bye bye…….You have to go online and fill out this rebate before the guy comes to hook up service. I am good with computers, I filled out the rebate and verified it on my email like it asks. The rebate is for $60.00 a month or so that will come off your bill. I get my bill and what do you know, no rebate. I’m out $60. I call them up they say “I” did it wrong, so I got on the computer and had them walk me through it. Next month I get my bill “UH_OH” no rebate “who would’ve thought” I”m out another $60 ($120 altogether so far) I call them up they said “I” did it wrong. I told them that their rep walked me through the rebate, they said their is nothing they can do, “they always say, MY HANDS ARE TIED” so this rep walks me through filling out this rebate for a 3rd time exactly the way I did it the first two times.

Now you may think I’m lying but I kid you not, the third month my bill comes and “NO REBATE” I’m out another $60 ($180 altogether). I call them and their hands are still tied (how do these people eat without usage of the hands?) The forth month I got really lucky and my rebate showed up, but it ‘s okay that I gave an extra $180 because for Direct TV the customer doesn’t matter. In the meantime the guy that installed my Direct Tv totally screwed everything up there are cords all over the front of my house I asked the guy if he had been with Direct Tv for a while and he said ya. With that said I didn’t feel like I needed to watch his work. I go look when he is done and their are chords all over my house. I said “now how long have you been with the company” he said “three months”

I called up Direct-Tv to get it fixed, they said that they were sending someone the next day at 10am, I wait to go to work and then nobody shows up anyways. I call them again and they said they will send someone over tomorrow at 10am again. I said fine I will be at work but my wife will be home. The next day the guy pulls into our driveway, he calls me from my driveway, I can’t answer because I’m at work, and since I don’t answer my phone, he just leaves. My wife was waiting at the door with our baby to let him in, and he just leaves. So My house is all messed up still and Im out $180 not bad for being halfway done with this nightmare…..

Back in December I sent in $90 thru US Bank to pay my Jan bill…….. Mid January my service gets cut off no call to me or anything. I call them and they say they didn’t receive a payment and they cut off my service. I pay the $90 again plus the next month and then I get a $25 reconnect fee. (I’m out $295 so far, but it’s okay I don’t matter anyways to direct tv) I have my bank 3 way call them with me and after about 2 months they find the $90. Nobody calls to apologize they still just leave my $25 reconnect fee on my bill, because who cares.

Also when I was first sold the service I was told that my internet would be 19.99 for two years and would not go up. I call them today because my bill says my prices are going up on my next bill, they say that for this next year they need to charge me 49.99 a month for the internet, I tell them “No Way, I was quoted to years at 19.99” and here comes the line Direct Tv is famous for “I’m sorry but my hands are tied” I asked to speak to anybody that can help me I was transfered to 3 different people and their hands were all tied up and nobody cares about the customer at Direct Tv so it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’m out another $360 for the year ($655 so far extra that I’m out)

Now my rebate on my Direct Tv is up and I was told after my first year that I can call up and get the same deal or maybe an even better deal (thats how they sell it to you because you will never talk with this person again they will say anything lie after lie anything to get you to buy.) So now with out my rebates i was told i would get for the 2nd year, the TV part goes up another $54 per month, at 12 months that another $648 I’m out for switching to Direct TV ($1303 I’m out altogether because Direct Tv has lied and cheated the entire time I have been their customer and they still don’t care,,,,,,and why should they I’m only their customer)

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