Liars From The Get Go - DIRECTV

Liars to the max, they make promises that are not true. What a load of jokers and scammers.  They are completely disorganized, no one knows what they are talking about.
It took me over an hour and nine people later before i found out the truth. About their bundle package i ordered.

They advertise a 2 year twenty four month locked in price not true the price goes up after 12 months.  I cancelled my order before they put it on my property.

They lied to me about not being a contract 24 month plan, they said it was not a contract agreement, when in fact an early termination fee would be involved had i terminated service early.

This company is a giant lying scam artist that can talk a hungry dog off a meat truck.  Buyer beware, this company is a cheating dirt bag.  They pass the buck on the phone, you can not get a straight answer from any of the idiots that work there.

I would never let them on my property, let alone my roof, they would probably rob your house or fall off the roof and file a law suit against you.

Direct tv you really stink !

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