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I cancelled Direct Tv in February because I was moving and I couldn’t transfer my services because trees would be blocking the satellite to where I was moving. I was told that I owed $19.00. I didn’t pay the balance. After a month, they began to call about the $19. I told them that I didn’t have it because I wasn’t working yet and had no income. In the mean time, they called me in April and told me that I was charged an additional $10 for 2 movies that I didn’t pay for back in June of 2012. These charges never showed on my bill the entire remainder of 2012 and now that my services are cancelled, they are trying to nickle dime me.

It was 4 months later and I finally get a child support payment and guess what happened? They took the money from my child support payment card without my permission. I filed a dispute with my bank and now have to wait 7 to 10 days to see if I can get my money back. I love when you call customer service and make them mad that they are able to block your number so that you are unable to call right back.

So I called back and gave my son’s number just so I could speak to someone and not get kicked out of their system. It worked and I was able to finally speak to a representative. My bank told me that they were trying to debit from my child support account every day.

Just **** pitiful.

I will never have service with them again! If $29 is going to take their company down, they I don’t want to be associated with them anyways. I am now a HAPPY customer with Time Warner!

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