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I was a Direct TV customer and when I lost my job I put my account on suspension, in hopes to carry out my contract when I found other employment. I have been out of work for 18 months and I have breast cancer, and when my suspension was up I was told that I either had to start paying the monthly charge or cancel my account. I was also told there would be a large early account cancellation fee if I chose to cancel the account.

I had no choice but to cancel the account and 3 weeks later my bank account was debited $405.00. Apparently this is the large early account cancellation fee they were talking about. And to make things worse, Direct TV refuses to refund that fee or make any other arrangements with me, they just simply said sorry. They also stated that this was in the account agreement I signed up for and they would do nothing about it.

What ever happened to people having sympathy for others in need?

I can completely understand if there was someone out there that just simply did not want to pay their bill or to get out of a contract for selfish reasons, but this is not one of those cases. That $405.00 is greatly needed at this time and for such a large company as Direct TV I would think this was just petty cash to them, but for me it’s a matter of living another day. And why $405.00? That is an absolute rip off!!!!

I will definitely NEVER recommend that company to anyone and I will make sure the media and internet knows about their compassion for people…and why it’s all about the money for them!!!!

Additional Information Added BY: Julie Davis ON: April 26, 2013

Direct TV took money from a cancer patient!!!

Direct TV debited $405.00 from my account for an early cancellation fee, and even though I told them I had been out of work for 18 months and had breast cancer they still took the money. I tried to dispute the charges in hopes they would refund the money, but their decision stated it was in the agreement and they would not refund the money. I seriously thought there were compassionate people in the world and taking $405.00 from an out of work cancer patient with NO insurance would be something a big company like Direct TV would be considerate of. Guess not!!!!

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