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Got a letter from DirectTV offering me a $200 debit card rebate if I signed up with them. I called a representative of DirectTV and asked about their service and how I could apply for $200 Debit card. Was told when I signed up all I had to do is call 1-800-531-5000 and apply for debit card. Also was told if I signed up online I would save the $20 shipping and handling fee, so I signed up online.

After I signed up and had installed, I called the number to apply for card and was told the $200 debit card offer had to be mentioned in order, so I was not eligible. The letter I got or the the representative I talked to made no mention of this. So now I am locked into a 2 year agreement and out $200 debit card. After this happened I went online and found out they have done this to a lot of other people.

Another bate and switch bogus offer!!

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Angela D. Luster-Holt

They are blatant liers… I signed up two years ago nd still have not received the two hundred dollar gift card , I called the store where I signed up and also direct tv. I was told that a manager would contact me and honor the offer. Two yrs later no manager has ever called and of course no offer honored and certainly no 200 gift card. I will and have never suggested or referred anyone to Direct T V……BOGAS DECIEVERS!!!!!!

I got the letter and had it installed also, I received a letter with the code and no where can I find to enter the code and have it installed.


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