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On 5-4-13 I called Direct TV to cancel my subscription. I explained to the lady I spoke with that I have lost my House and Car and can not pay (in 20 days) the disconnect charges of $244.00. She went on to say that “she was so sorry for what has happened” and there was nothing she could do to waver the charges. She said that the Credit card that was given at the beginning to the installation will be charged after 20 days of notice. I explained that I could not pay at the 20 days. I ask to pay it in 3 installments and her reply was “she could not help with that and the monies will go to collections”.

I called again and again for someone to help and give me some kind of answer to my problem which I will explained soon. NO ONE WOULD HELP!

On the 4th of Aug 2013 they took 244.00 out of my account which left me with $3.00 for rest the month. I only get SS and a small retirement. I’m 65 years old have very little money did not stop my subscription for any other reason than this hardship.


All the people I talked to for the last 2 months are OUTSOURCED employees. I feel that they were just looking at my account for the time to take their share. I’ve had to move in with a buddy for the time being. Saturday when I found out of the $244.00 was taken out I called them and was so angry for what the “thieves” had done.

I wanted to speak with a supervisor and in reality I only got a person name Dave with no clue to what to do.

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