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I bought a 2003 Mercedes in july 2012 from direct car warranty ..Bought an extended car warranty for 151,000 miles and 4 years ..Since then car has been back to dealership 4 times and all direct tells me is abc.Sbc/abs pumps are under normal wear and tear and they don’t warranty that or a bad ac/drier or radiator..I shucked out $2550.00 up front to these people and all they have paid is about $675.00.. And i got really upset and called them and asked what is the problem ..

I have my car in the shop and they send a man down top inspect it the next day ..And nothing is covered( they tell you when they sell you this policy don’t worry if you break down on the road you will be taken care of!!!! You sure will the nearest motel for 3 days out of pocket and a big repair bill ..Could be as much as a week …

Well while my car was in the shop just two weeks ago ..And waiting for a response from the warranty co. ..The dealer calls me and tells me that my policy had been canceled and said that i cancelled it i said noway i never said i want to cancel ..Here is there trick is how they will do you …I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and they said they would have someone to call me back the next after 2:00 pm …

So they did , here is the trick ..When he called me back i asked if should cancel my policy today how much would my pro-rate be…He said i can’t tell you , and i said well it is my policy why not!..He said i will have send it to your email address..I said well go ahead and send it ..Well by me telling him to send that info ..

They tell me i cancelled my policy the next day ain’t that some crap out of $2550.00 paid up front and 30 days now and no $643.00 pro-rate i told him would i be crazy to cancel my policy with 90,000 miles left /4 years i don’t think so i am not that stupid only that i bought this policy form direct auto warranty out of new jersey .

I never said the words i want to cancel my policy and never signed anything or agreed to anything on the email ..All i did was open it up and read it and i was canceled ..

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