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On December 24 we had an appointment while we were on vacation in Florida. We met with Yamna El AFDEL a Diamond Resorts International representative. We listened to the information and after it was over we signed up for the Sampler package. We would end up paying a total of $2807.24 and monthly payments would be drafted out of our account of 153.64. When we came back to our resort we were staying at my husband and I talked on it further and decided not to keep the sampler package. It was late in the evening and the office was closed and also the next day was Christmas Day. So they were closed.

On the 26th according to our phone records I called Yamna EL AFDEL and told her that we changed our minds and did not want the package. She told me no problem. She said take a day or 2 and call her back again after we think on it a little more. In fact according to our phone records we called Yamna back again on the 27 making sure that we wanted to cancel the package. My husband told her no we did not want it as we had changed our minds. At this point we thought it was taken care of.

To my chagrin on January 26, 2013 we received a letter from Diamond Resorts International thanking us for joining the sampler program. They told us they would be drafting payments out of my account starting on 2/7/13 in the amount of 153.14. I immediately called YAMNA ELAFDEL at her number 321-609-1012. I told her what I had received in the mail and she apologized and said it was all a huge mistake because of the holidays and our contract was processed by mistake because of all the rush and things going on due to the holiday rush. She told us it would be ok and that what we needed to do was to call the company and let them know what happened and that they would stop the drafts and fix everything and then she again apologized for the mix up.

So we called the company and were told that they had to have it in writing from YAMNA EL AFDEL. We again called YAMNA and she told us that we had to go ahead and write a letter letting them know what happened and requesting they cancel our contract as it was processed AFTER we had already called and told them we did not want it. SO we drafted a letter on February 4, 2013 and had it certified so we could make sure it got there. It was signed for by a D. Straub an employee of Diamond Resorts. My account was still drafted on February 7, 2013.

When I noticed this I called 18002057555 and spoke to a Sheridan. I explained the situation and was told they would take care of it. I did not hear back from them. I called again the same number and got a Nicole. I explained the situation and again was told it would be taken care of and still nothing. Once again I called the company and got a Teresa Cortez. She told me to call Yamna back again and tell her that if she would just fax them a letter letting them know that the contract was processed by mistake they would fix it right away. She gave me this fax number: 702-804-8606 and told me to tell Yamna to fax a letter and she would wait for it. I called Yamni again and they put me on hold. It was hung up on. I called back again and I was sent to voice mail.

I called again from a different number and heard the person say “it’s that lady name Ellen calling back again, she never came to the phone. I received a text that I still have in my phone where she said “I will send the letter. Do not worry about it”. I texted her back with the fax number and the name of the woman that was waiting for the letter from her. I called Teresa Cortez letting here know what Yamna had texted me she said ok and she would wait. I called her back 3 days later and she told me that Yamna had never sent the letter by fax. At this time she referred me to Mr. C. Bird. I explained my situation to him and he said that he had to see the cancellation letter. I told him I sent a letter on the 6th and that it was signed for by D. Straub on February 6, 2013 at 11:19 am and he said he had never seen it and he said he needed us to send another letter. I paid yet again for another certified letter to be sent and signed for by C. Dolby on February 19, 2013. Again Mr. Bird says he never say the letters because they were in the mail room and he was not kind enough to get off his laurels and go to the mail room and get it.

2 Days later we contact him again and he says he has the letter but that he wants the letter that told them within the 10 day grace period that we had cancelled the sampler package. I reminded him that I was in Florida for 10 days and that I verbally cancelled it 2 days 2 different times after I met with Yamni El AFDEL. So why would I go and write a letter while I was on vacation when I verbally spoke with her and told her to cancel it? I also asked him is it written anywhere that you cannot verbally cancel the contract? He said no I’m not telling you that you cannot verbally cancel the contract. He then offers to try and see what he can do and he told me he would make sure that no one would draft out of our account ever again. I received a call from a Mrs. Fudgen. I explained my situation to here and he told me not to worry she would help me. She told me to contact Mr. Bird again and tell him that he needed to write the notes in the system and go through the cancellation procedure. He told us he did not know who she was and that however he had called to try and get in touch with YAMNA EL AFDEL but she was not answering her phone. He then told me that it was just her word against ours and we would just have to get over it and eat it. I said really? You cannot even get in touch with your own representative I have been calling you for months and now you tell me that it’s my word against hers and you will go with the word of the representative that even YOU cannot get in touch with because she no longer answers her phone? He says well I just need your cancellation letter from December. I told him I do not have a cancellation letter from December because I verbally cancelled with Yamna while I was still on a 10 day vacation in Florida. He then says oh. Told me to give him 24 hours and he would work on it.

I called him 3 days in a row and he screened the calls through his secretary and I never heard back from him. Approximately 2 weeks ago I called the corporate office and was connected with a Domino Mackey. She listened to what I had to say and told me to scan and email all information and documentation that I had that would help her to help me. I scanned every document I had including the business card that Yamna Elfadel had given us with her name and number on it, phone records from Verizon showing she called our phone and we called her phone on the above stated dates cancelling the contract. I called her back for follow up on Friday March 22 and she did not answer her phone and I left a message. I called her back again Monday March 25th 2013 and spoke with a Jessica. She kindly listened to my situation. She then told me she could not help me since Domino Mackey was involved and she did not want too many hands in the pot. She told me that Domino was off on Mondays and that she would make sure that she called me back on Tuesday March 26th She never called.

Now I can tell you that the Collections department calls me every day wanting more money. Funny the collections department can get in contact with me but no one else within the company had enough respect for myself and my husband a two time Vietnam Veteran with PTSD to even care enough to be honest.

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And More BAD Reviews We went to presentation in Maui and was told we could cruise with the Sampler Package now that we are back home–Oh NO that’s after you JOIN and pay more $$$$$ to be a member of Diamond Resorts,,, THis happened Aug 2017 and now cannot use any destinations except for West coast territorys—WHAT –Limited Areas

This happened to me this Sept. 27th, 2014 in Vegas. I too decided a few hours later that this was not what I was promised. I was planning a vacation for next Sept for our 25th Anniversary to Ireland. I was told that there would be enough points for me to travel and stay in Ireland. When I got back to my room and to my dismay, I realized that the sampler package did not include our destination. That in order for me to go to Ireland we had to purchase more points. It already cost me approx. $2800 for… Read more »

what a scam and Disappointment,,,They got there money and did not deliver…… DO NOT BUY INTO THIS

Horrible diamond resort international! Such a scam company, how the people can work for this company!


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