Stephen Cloobeck emails me to say I’m SUSPENDED - Diamond Resorts International

I’m yet another ‘Member’ who has spent over £24,000 for points starting with GVC in 2004. Diamond resorts took over as we all know and I’m refusing to pay £1,900 a year in fees. These fees are a scandal and a con.

Stephen Cloobeck states he will answer emails to him etc but when I stated my case, asked for an explanation, and refused to speak to another woman he told me to contact instead of him, he wrote. YOU ARE NOW SUSPENDED…..whatever that means…..

All I want is to get out of this Contract.. I’ve lost my £24,000 plus recent fees, I know that. But I’ll have to live with that.

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Some folks need to listen to their employees and the messages they are trying to give. Open up their fat dumb **** ears. If they keep turning a deaf ear, they’ll live to regret it. Karma’s a ****.


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