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I (rozel revell sr) have paid my maintenance fee for the diamond resort contract i purchase with diamond resort.  Stephen cloobeck you have no right to block my online reservation. I demand you to remove this personal blocks you have applyed to my Booking of 80,000 points i brought and paid for. For two years and counting i have demanded my due process right concerning mysti c dunes cotract that sole with mystic dune not with diamond.

As of yet i have not received any legal paper, mr ( cool ) stephen cloobeck concerning this and the other secret dealing by you and diamond.  We owners of fed up with your wicked uncover personal deals that going on at diamond international resort.

I (pastor rozel revell sr) demand my dues process rights. I did not pay over $10,000 (ten thousands dollars) this year for nothing. You of wrong for blocking my online booking.
Mr s cloobeck we owner never authorize you to on your own purchase the bankruptcy property of mystic dunes and behind our back stick the cost of it to the owners.

When will the millions of dollars from the bp gulp oil spill be awarded to us owners. The money dont belongs to you mr stephen cloobeck, it belong to the owners.

I joins with the others owners in exercising our rights to sues mystic duners and diamond international resorts..

For Diamond Resorts International Representatives or Owners

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Mr (cool) has been spending your money on his fast cars and ravish expenses. I know the scoop. He’s also a racist. and doesn’t believe in promoting African Americans (AA) to executive positions. He’s afraid to because he feels they will outshine his coolness. Try to find out how many AA’s he has working in high positions, especially AA women. His ship is about to sink fast but he’s too dumb to know it. His spouse looks like **** warmed over with Joan Rivers droppings on her face. He’s nothing more than a fat pimp who craves attention. Most of… Read more »

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