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I would like to denounce another scammers from the

The only problem is that it is Uadream it self that is the scammer and they are giving work to all the ladies on their site!!! paid for each letters received!

It all start when I was invited onto their site about 2 years ago from one lady that no longer is online there. This site is actually well made. Very professional and nicely set out. until you start talking with the ladies! All the ladies are pleasant to talk to! no matter if she is interested or not in you! Prices are quite expensive but when you realize their is a interpreter with a good english, then the price become worth it!

When you start talking to these ladies, many are quite interested in everything you say, they like your opinions and ideas, they also like to talk a lot about what they do during the day! These ladies are actually very honest about their lives and everything they tell you!! which is great and which is what every men is looking for!

But!!!! That is when the fun starts!! So you talk for a few months slowly learning about your lady when she asks if it is possible to chat through video the this site offers! When you first start to chat in you are quite happy finally seeing the lady right in front of you :) and she is real and you can’t stop looking at her) But after the 3rd or 4th time you come to chat and you start looking at all of her to see her everyday gestures and then you notice somethings odd! but you are not sure what! This is something quite a lot of men have complained about on the internet concerning and!

What you start to notice is that your lady is in fact not communicating with her interpreter!!! Than HOW is is possible for the interpreter the reply to you if your lady does not talk or write to her interpreter? When you start asking your lady she tells you the she is communicating through her phone, either with Skype or by calling her interpreter!! Again how is it possible if she does not talk and if she does not move her hands to write???

I have been 2 years in and I have spoke with 5 ladies and they were all suspicious in chat and with their replies! In UaDream you are not able to get any personal contact information of the ladies! So it is hard to find them outside! But I was smarter then all of them and I did find the one ladies I was talking to! I found her in VK (Russian Facebook)

Her Uadream name is Yulya profile #6401. and her real name is Iulia Grebeniuk When I contacted her, she recognized me straight away but she refused to talk with me and said that she only wanted to talk to me through “an” agency. which obviously means that she works for more then one agency!

I later discovered the each ladies from both Uadream and Ualady were paid by these agencies for each letters that she received! They would get a percentage of what every men would pay to be able to contact them!

I met five ladies and I lost roughly 3000 euros over 2 years!! which is a bit more then 4000 dollars

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Sadly do google search uadreams scam and u find the awful truth as u already has in too late loss of 4000 us dollars…


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