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the Davidson company said that would turn my Idea ino a product and show it COMPANIES I paid right 6,000.00 for them to make it , then they stated that they needed 350.00 more for packaging the product what they did not state that every time they needed that much to show the product in with I did not have. I paid a fee to the government for a providential Patton they sent me a picture of my product in with it was not a blanket I had emergency electric blanket that ran on batteries titamin. the kind that electric cars are ran on, but smaller.

when my provisional Patton came up for renewal I paid there fee and sent in the advertising that the company sent in to me after a few weeks. i received a letter from the government stating that my Patton was denied for not enough info on the product how it works and I lost my money to them and I have not herd from the davison company.

I called them and told them what the government said with no response now the batteries that I came up is now being sold sep the so called blanket is being sold sep as a camping mat they scammed me out of more than 8,000.

I’m a single mom and it is not fare that something like this company can go on scamming people in this form they take model people and do something with there product just to draw in others in in whom they can how did they

1, they did not tell me that every time there would be a packaging fee

2, they did not tell me that the provisional Patton could not be renewed

3, they took what I came up and broke it down so others made money of my Idea they turned down a couple years before said it could not be sold several months latter the sunset awnings came out my I idea but in a different form

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