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Just looked at my bank account to find a 99 dollar pending charge which turned out to be I called to dispute informing the third party payment service that I never signed up for the site, which of course they informed me I had and that if no one else had authorization to use my card then it must have been me! They then informed me that I signed up on November 1 for the 1.99 3 day trial period to I said really so DECEMBER 27th IS 3 DAYS AFTER NOVEMBER 1?

I told them that i refuse to pay thjis charge and was told that there was nothing I could do except file a coplaint with them and my local authorities. I went to the scam site while on the phone and tried every login i could remeber that I have ever used and nothing worked. I filed a complaoint of fraud with my bank and will go further until I get the 99 dollars back. Be careful!

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