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I just got off the phone with Nu Wave. I bought 2 PIC no pots or pans. My situation is I have a pacemaker and no were on TV or when I called to order did they tell me , if you have a pacemaker you shouldn’t”t buy this.

The NuWave PIC comes with a fact sheet at the end of the sheet it states “Scientific test have proven that induction cook tops do not generally pose a risk to health. However, persons with a pacemaker should keep a minimum distance of two feet from the NuWavePIC while in operation”.

Like I said I have a pacemaker I called the company I was told gee to bad you can send them back. But you will not get the S&H and you have to pay to return them even tho they never said anything on TV or when I ordered. I talked to three girls who all told me that they were the only one I could talk to. the 1st one sent me on when she could not send me a letter telling me do to nondisclosure of this health pacemaker they would not give me all my money. The 2nd girl told me it was my fault because when she gets new meds she always ask if it will effect anything, I should of asked. I was not at the Doctors then she sent me on to the 3rd one who would not send me a letter, or a box to return the PIC or all my money.

So I can’t use the PIC, I can’ get all my money do to a health reason NuWave knows about, and they want me to pay to send the PIC back………………….

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Very disgusted with manner of sales on these things. They IMPLY that most of your cookware would be compatible with their induction cooktops but they are NOT. Compatible cookware is also almost impossible to find in local stores so you are stuck with what they sell. Plus, they DO N69OT make it clear that you will have to pay return shipping – just 90 day Money back satisfaction. Well, I ordered with cast iron grill and got some cookware – shipping added $69.85 to my bill so if I return it will cost me 69.85 minimum to return for total… Read more »

I have been thinking about ordering this nu wave oven, and im sure glad i waited . all this feedback, i new it was to good to be true!!! how do all these companies get by with all this false advertising?? thanks to all this good feedback! sue, tennessee
the only way I would get one now is if its free,.


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