Concerns for Salvation Army - The Salvation Army

Branch / Location of Complaint: salvation army downtown
Address: 215 s person st Raleigh, North Carolina 27610

I want to complain on the Salvation Army…The company is not what is claim to be. The staff takes things from the homeless woman. This is a racist organization. This company seems as if they are here to help the public and homeless woman and children. I have seen the staff turn people away with children and accept whom they want to. Also i have seen much theft going on in this organization. I have also encountered woman and children being thrown out with no where to go due to lies from the staff.

I have seen bed bugs, wholes in the walls, leaking ceilings, filthy kitchen, business looks as if it is not fit to operate business. I seen the staff members discuss personal information on client that was known to them. I have seen outdated milk jugs that be refilled with kool aid and tea. i have seen many outdated meats and snacks that are served everyday.

During the Christmas and thanksgiving holidays staff take the turkey and hams before passing out to the public. Also i have experienced staff taking bikes,gift cards, and other toys that are donated for the public.

This is a non profit organization, but health inspectors need to check this place out. also this is a christian organization, with under aged children acting as a couple and doing inappropriate thing with each other in the inside of the building while staff, and live in clients are there. No one should be doing these type things on christian organization grounds. The staff cause other staff to be terminated for no reason. staff members lie on each other and do things to have other staff members fired. i have also known that a staff member has bought and borrowed food stamp benefits from a homeless live in client with children. This looks bad for the salvation army.

i have also seen when it is time for coat give away for the winter staff members take good coats before any is distributed to the public. This is a great organization if ran by the correct people and has the correct staff. Staff has been terminated for the wrong reasons or for no reason at all behind a staff member. Staff member has lied on our lead person to the fact she had to resign. Two others resigned behind lies, trouble, and racism at the salvation army. The board is held by higher up people in the salvation army. Voices can not be heard due to the fact all of the board members are long time close friends.

I will like to work for salvation army. the one downtown is not the proper place for employment, assistance, fairness, trust, loyalty, or diversity.

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