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I have been a loyal customer of DIRECTV since 2006 and I have never been treated so horribly until I spoke to your billing supervisor (“Ed” located in South Carolina ID# tpcl458836). I called regarding a billing issue because I was previously told on 1/14/13 by another representative that my account would be credited $15.00 per month since I was “loyal” customer and I was unhappy with the current increase in my bill. This was has been the normal routine for years since DIRECTV is interested in keeping me as a customer, which I appreciated.

However, on 3/1/13 at approximately 8:20 pm eastern time, I spoke to your billing department and they have completely let me down in the way they dealt with my billing issue. In fact, your customer service representative suggested that I wait until the 14th of each month and incur a late fee just to get a credit of $10.00, which makes absolutely zero sense. I asked your supervisor to refer to the previous notations on the account because this is what I was told and he said he is not able to refer to these notes. At this point I knew that this supervisor was not willing to assist me in this issue.

Needless to say, I was very infuriated and asked the supervisor to cancel the service and give me the information for the corporate office to file a FORMAL complaint. He then provided the information and stated that the service will be canceled effective “today” 3/1/13.

I have always tried to remain a DIRECTV customer throughout the years, however based on the one individual’s actions; I choose to deal with Comcast and CANCEL this service with DIRECTV after 7 years or service. I will also be sure to spread the word about the terrible customer service I received.

Thank you.

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Another ripoff is that when Direct TV is installed, no where do they inform you that NETFLIX is not available!!! I only learned that after doing some research on the internet. Why the h*** does Direct tv not carry NETFLIX????

PLEASE PICKK UP Christian channel BVOVN Believers voice of victory
or we will have to change to DISH (they have it)

Channel 13 out Indy blocked out. I have been waiting for Black List since May 2017 and now it is blacked out. This is the only local thing I watch on the local channels. Cut some your own profits and bring back channel 13. We pay a bunch for the few channels we do watch.

if you are not showing football games on NBC, then the least you can do is show them on the NFL package. we are paying for this service when we signed up for directtv/at&t. you were in negotiations with Nascar and Hallmark channels before, and who loses? we do, not you!

send me my $200.00 walmart gift card as promised when I signed up for service… this company service is horrible.

Directv is nothing, BUT a rip off. My bill went from $62.47 a month in December. In January it would of went to $147 for the same channels. Bull S***!!!!!!!!! RIP OFF!!!

I just got off the phone with 2 different representatives of Direct TV, and neither of them could locate my information in order for me to pay my bill, and the first one due to his own confusion and in awareness of their policies and procedures put me back into the queue and made me start my attempt to pay the bill all over, to get someone that picked my call up to in turn just “Click” and all I heard was a dial tone. So as we must do , I called again and Received a girl by the… Read more »

Am still waiting for ME TV to show up on your new channel add ons.

H2 was one of my favorite channels too, and I heard about this while watching H2. I hope they keep some actual *history* programming, which the “History Channel” dumped long ago. Every single channel is going for dumbed down, sensationalist reality programming – which is why I preferred channels like H2 in the first place – they were actual decent programming. But no more, apparently


why do we have to sign in each

I recived a marketing call from direct TV ( 516-522-3159 ) I told the caller this was a no call # and he made a crude remark before hanging up on me. I called the # back but it must be set up for out going calls only. Needless to say I reported these asshats to the National Do not Call Complaint Registry

Direct TV has owed me a refund since December 2013 and I have asked them by phone and email to refund the $63.16. They owe this to me and have not paid me in a timely manner. This is bad business.


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