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I received a letter from Comenity Bank, PO Box 182272, Columbus, OH 43218-2272 in my mial box. The letter stated that I had recently requested a MasterCard credit card. I immediately contacted the number on the letter at 1-866-668-5450 to speak to a Customer Service Representative. I spoke to Dennis and told him that I had never applied for a MasterCard credit card from their bank. I inquired as to how he received my information and was given no direct reason. He asked for the Reference #, which I supplied to him.

He began to ask me details as to my full name, full mailing address, date of birth and last four digits of my Social Security Number. I told him that I was not going to give this to him as the letter stated “to contact us directly to verify the information provided”. I told him that I had just given him the Reference # and that should be all that he needed and that I would not verify any information. He told me that it would be the only way for him to look up my information. Again I told him, that it was exactly what the letter wanted and that he would recieve no information from me and that I had not applied for this credit card. He continued to try and get verification from me.

I then asked to speak to a Supervisor, at which time he put me on hold for 15 minutes. Once he came back on the phone, he stated the he could not reach a Supervisor. He said that he would write a letter to the 3 Credit Bureaus on my behalf and tell them that I had not applied for this credit card. I think this Comenity Bank is a fraudulent Bank/Company and will do whatever it takes to verify your information even if it means the application was done fraudulently.

I have been a victim of Identity Theft and have had a Fraud Alert on all 3 Credit Bureau files. Even though I have diligently and very carefully watched my credit since, it’s these kinds of Companies that find a back way into running your credit score. As we all know this puts a ding on your credit report and your scores decreases due to fraudulent credit checks.

Please don’t fall for these types of scams.

Sincerely, A Fraud Victim

For Comenity Bank Representatives or Owners

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I had a fraud alert placed w all three credit bureaus a while back which is still currently active. Recently, I received a letter from this Comenity Bank stating they received my credit card application but need me to call to get approval for on a Forever 21 Visa. I did not fill out or request an application for this. So, I contacted the credit bureaus and they confirmed the fraud alert is still on my account and there were no inquiries made by this Comenity Bank. That said, I believe the original poster (Angel) is correct with his/her assumption.… Read more »
To everyone in this complaint thread complaining about the letters you received ect. You need to do better research with a company before saying they are fraudulent. Have you ever heard of the bank secrecy act? The Patriot act? Look it up you morons, theyou can’t just give anyone that calls in saying they are you the social security number. I bet none of you stating “this is a scam” have contacted the better business Bureau or any of the credit bureau s to verify the fact that comenity is a legitimate bank. Oh and those letters for the accounts… Read more »

Your the moron… I called the number for Comenity Capital Bank c/o paypal phone number #866-528-3733. It was a sexually explicit message that answered!! I then called Paypal directly and reported this to them.

Lynn, don’t you remember that just recently Wells Fargo came under fire for opening up accounts in their customers names? You seem to be the dull one here. “Bank doesn’t just apply for cards for you.” Wells Fargo actually open accounts without the knowledge of the persons whose names they used. Get a grip before name calling. Have you ever noticed that most people who engage in name calling usually are applicably worthy of the names they have just thrown out. Are you the moron you are accusing other of being? Just a thought.

Sweetie. Shut up lol.

You are the Moron – Duhhh!!

I think your response is rude and totally uncalled for. Insulting people who are trying to give others a heads up on something that could be potentially damaging financially or to their credit shows how ignorant you are.

Lynn said, “But for all of you idiots who are too stupid to know the difference, comenity as well as by other bank doesn’t just apply for cards for you. That’s illegal, Duh.”

Wells Fargo LITERALLY just went to court and was fined $185 million for opening fraudulent credit accounts in customers’ names. They literally opened MILLIONS of fake accounts. Do you ever bother to read the news?! Or do you just spend your time insulting people erroneously?

The difference was that people had a Wells Fargo account already, and the bank opened new ones. The customers were already established. This is totally different where someone used info to sign up an account. A bank such as this would not do that unless it were a situation where you had an account established already with the bank. It sounds like this particular one did not have an established relationship. Lynn would be correct, but her way of saying it could have come across in a nicer way than written. This would be fraud, but have nothing to do… Read more »

I think that if someone is incorrect about something we shouldnt belittle them. We should educate them. Calling people idiots on threads isn’t going to help the situation. Be kind please.

Was anybody in Branson or other high tourist spots when this happened. Cause I find it funny I got a letter about a paypal account i never tried to open. And it is dated the same day I went thru a time share deal for Wyndam rewards.

I wish I had known of the questionable practices of Comenity Bank prior to financing a large purchase with them. They charged me interest from the outset despite the offer of free interest for 12 months with a purchase of greater than $500. My issue then goes into the blackhole of arbitration. I’ve never had this problem with any other card. In the past, issues like this have been resolved quickly with the representative on the line. Fortunately, I was able to pay off the debt fully. I will never have dealings with this bank again. Nor with its affiliated… Read more »

I have a problem with them also. Their automated system kept giving me the wrong amount for a few months now. So I was paying that. Now they are saying I owe $2000. I talked to an agent last month and made her aware of the issue but nothing was done.

I can assured you that this financial institution ” comenity capital bank “, ( they don’t deserve to be a acknowledge with capital letters ) , is a fraudulent business and is used by many business with shadily reputation , ( I will mention one big one here in Vegas in another date ) I was suppose to receive a bill from them to start making payments withing two weeks . But after contacting them , passed two weeks latter some one told me I would start receiving the bill very soon . After waiting for 3 months I decided… Read more »
You do understand that for YOUR protection and by federal law the information has to be verified prior to engaging in a conversation with you, which you said the letter clearly stated that they needed to vefiry info with you, in regards to a credit account. If this what not the case than anyone would be able to call in and say they are you and get any info they want. By sending you the letter they intercepted the application as possibly fraudlent versus approving it. I think you should learn more about federal regulations for banks and credit cards… Read more »

BEWARE OF Comenity Capital Bank! I got a letter from them regarding a PayPal Credit account I allegedly requested. Now, there is an unauthorized hard inquiry on my credit report. Apparently, they’ve done this to a lot of people. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently sanctioned them. I’ve demanded that the inquiry be deleted.

I had the same problem, they sent a letter that there are some changes on my account. I sent them an email complaining that I do not have any accounts with them, then they replied me back asking my social security number, address, date of birth etc so they can still all that information from me. I am not sure why Government does not close that scam bank

do you have a fraud alert? this is what happens when you do they need to make sure that is you.


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