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I have had endless issues with Comcast since I started using their services. The most recent and most outrageous incident occurred this month. There are many complaints that I have:

First, We have complained multiple times that our internet is extremely slow and that we think it may be the modem that Comcast provided to us. They have sent technicians over and they suggested changing our router. So we bought a new router for $80(the one they recommended) and it didn’t change a thing. They refused to admit that it was the modem. Our internet would be down for days at a time!!! And coincidentally, when we called for a technician to come it would start working the day before they were scheduled to come. Coincidence? I think not.

Recently our internet was down for 3 days during the time Comcast was changing to faster download speeds. So we called a tech to come out and fix the problem since they were not able to fix the problem over the phone. So the tech says that the modem(the one that Comcast provided to begin with), was not compatible with the new download speeds. What!!? So he switched out the modem and tried to leave before the internet was working. So we said um excuse me, its not fixed. The tech then stated something might be wrong with the router(lame excuse for not following through and completing his job). Our router works just fine mind you its the brand new one we just bought. So we give it some time to link up with the modem and finally the internet starts to work!

Now, prepare yourself for this one! The next bill comes and there’s a $50 additional charge for a tech to come out and swap out THEIR faulty equipment. The customer service agent says that he cant do anything but take off 25$! This is absurd! WHY AM I PAYING FOR YOUR FAULTY EQUIPMENT? This is by far THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD!

In Conclusion,
Comcast has fraudulently charged me for their own defective equipment and I will be cancelling my service with them and potentially filing a lawsuit and complaint for the grief they have put me through for the past 6 months. They have wasted countless hours of my time (at least 40hrs), and that’s being generous. They have also not shown up to a service appointment.

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Comcast just sucks. I’m paying (being blackmailed) for insurance in case their crappy equipment fails. HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH THE CRAP.

You need to talk to a supervisor during the day. I had after hours xfinity people by the names "Angel" and "Jewels" try to "solve" my problems and charged me a bunch of money for no apparent reason. They kept no record of talking to me and the supervisor thought I was crazy when I said I talked to "Angel and Jewels" until she saw all the charges popping up randomly in the account on those days. They refunded all my money, I got a lower payment, and some credits to my account.


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