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I have gone through one of the most horrific customer service experience in my 44 years of existence. I ordered Comcast service in mid-January. After a parade of “techs” in my house over about a two week period, they were totally unable to provide service to my house. After waiting sometimes all day for the techs to show up, waiting on hold endless hours on the phone to report continuing problems, the techs finally said the signal from the road was horrible and because of the distance there was nothing they could do.


Lots of wasted time and frustration only to get to the point where Comcast said they couldn’t provide service, but okay, I realize that conditions may be such that they just can’t make the technology work. They said that there would be no charge and they provided a phone number to call to schedule the pickup of their equipment. Why I couldn’t just give the equipment to the the techs I have no idea, but okay I’ll do what I need to do. I called the number and it was for a major city 300 miles away and (of course) they don’t drive for 5 hours to pickup equipment.

FINE, I dropped it off at a somewhat local Comcast office. Thank **** I got a receipt because Comcast started calling and sending letters demanding that I return their equipment. At first I was polite and I would call them, wait up to 30 minutes on hold, get transferred 2 or 3 times (more hold), and finally talk to somebody would say that they got it corrected, but more letters and automated phone calls about returning their equipment. I wrote them a letter and included a copy of the receipt for the returned equipment. It thought it was resolved.

Fast forward another three weeks and my wife starts to get hassled by a collection agency! The collection agency is Southwest Credit Systems, and I called to clear it up, but was treated like a common criminal! They basically threaten to ruin my life if I don’t pay Comcast $244. They don’t care about any of documentation, receipts, or anything. They intend to destroy me on behalf of Comcast and appear to be delighted to do so. Very unprofessional and arrogant, much like their buddies at Comcast. So, back on the phone with Comcast. Waited 20 minutes, got transferred, waited 10 minutes, got transferred, waited 15 minutes.

Finally, they check my history and realize that I only had Service for about two weeks and there were a bunch of service calls and in the end the installation totally failed.


They zero out the bill (no apology). I ask them to immediately contact their collection agency and tell them to stop their calls. They told me that it would take 24 hours to do that, and in the meantime I should just hang up on them. Nice. I asked what they were going to do to repair my previously excellent credit, since I’m fairly confident that if they turned it over to a collection agency they probably also notified Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

More transfers to other rude people at Comcast and here is the final result – Comcast doesn’t really follow up with their own collection agency, but if I’m lucky the collection agency will send me a letter within 30 days and notify me that the issue has been resolved and my credit rating has been restored. I have no confidence in that happening. None whatsoever. None, None, None.

I will be calling Comcast again in 30 days and my **** will continue. I’m listing $700 as “loss” since that is what I could have earned in the same amount of time that I spent dealing with Comcast.

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