Club Pogo is a rip off -

I just got a notice from Club pogo saying my account has been temporarily suspended for one week. I have not been on my computer all morning and never went onto my club pogo account til late afternoon to discover it was not working.

There is a person who goes by the screen name Red Sox Houston who adds you as a friend and then hacks into your ip account and gets you banned from pogo.

There is no sense in talking to these morons at club pogo, not one of them are American they are from Pakistan and cannot understand anything you are telling them.
But they are sure quick to take your money.

Something must be done about these people. They are thousands and thousands of complaints on the internet about how people are being scammed and defrauded by this club pogo. They never give out the prizes you win especially if it is money, they say you cheated and you have no way of proving that you did not.

These people are frauds and scammers.

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