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ON Monday at about 2;30 in the afternoon on my way to work I entered the Circle K on the corner of 70th street and Linwood to purchase some diesel fuel for my truck I gave the cashier a one-hundred dollar bill to purchase forty dollars worth not knowing there would be a ten minute wait for my change. the cashier ask if I wanted to come back for my change” I responded no, I’ll wait.

After waiting for ten minutes I ask how much longer will I have to wait she said a few more minutes. Well she finally issued me my change 12 Five dollar bills. I asked if she had any more bills instead of all those FIVES she said NO. WELL I asked for my for my money back. WHEN I asked if I could be given my money back she called for a manager.

The manager came over to the register yelling NO you can’t have your money back (showing me the five dollar bill while reading these words from the money) THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE. WE owe you sixty dollars here it is he threw it on the counter. I told him that did not want all those FIVES and could I have my money back.

There was another customer behind me waiting to purchase some items the manager told me to get her two TWENTY dollar bills and give her your FIVES I told him NO I will wait until she pays for her items and you can give me the change.The Manager was mad he took the one- hundred dollar from the register pushed it toward me while still holding it and TOLD ME THAT I WAS NEVER ALLOWED IN HIS STORE AGAIN.

I took my money, left the store then wrote down the District Managers number and begin to call him. I called him until 8pm that night no answer. I woke up early waiting on 8am to come I called, he answered I informed of the incident. I him told that I did not deserve that type of treatment, and that the manager should be made to apologize. He said no you did not and I should get an apology and that he was going to THAT store TODAY. I SAID THANK YOU AND I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOUR CALL.

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