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Yesterday (3/22/13) at 11 pm we went to the Casey’s store at 1410 Willow Creek Ct, Iowa City, IA. There was a huge basketball game so many people would have stopped there after, however when we stopped the front desk lady ran to the front of the and locked the door, WITH CUSTOMERS STILL INSIDE! Just because she didn’t want to stay over.

How is that good customer service? This company really needs to do something to fix this problem. I will not be returning to a caseys until I get the respect I deserve.

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Seems since Casey’s General Store was approched by couch tards a few years ago. The family caring that there was has all but been a thing of the past. For all the things the company does or did it is now turning its back on the ones on the bottom of the chain we are unable to do anything right for the supervisor my manager is a great person and loved by the community. But now has been so down because i guess it is company policy to have the supervisor tell them "I DON’T LIKE THE WAY YOU DO… Read more »

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