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Address: 200 south commercial ave Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533

We ordered 3 pizzas all 3 were not done correctly, 1 supreme with out onions and green peppers x-tra mushrooms and sauce, we got everything including the peppers and onions but no x-tras it took 3 times to get it right after a total of 7 miles of driving back and forth I live 4 blocks away.

the other 2 were a cheese with x-tra sauce we got a cheese with hardly any sauce and the last one was a sausage with x-sauce we got, you guessed it nooo sauce…..

This isnt the first time this has happened and I believe it wont be the last.. This is probably the last time we order the people that took our order were very rude. store # 2494

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We want you all to know that these post do not seem to make any difference. That the Casey’s stores are not run by a corporate head quarters they are obviously being run by selected so called area supervisors. They do thing their way and you do it or else you get e-mails but if the supervisor doesn’t like the way corporate says to do this or that they make up their own standards or rules. If you don’t do it there way you will be wrote up, threatened with your job, even told you are getting up in age… Read more »

I understand that Casey’s General Store do charities but when I say no because I have already given what I feel is enough on this mda fundraiser and a cup of coffee still cost me 2.19 because the cashier scands it anyway. I have found another store to do my business at. It had been every time for 2 weeks and I went more then just once a day I am now done with Casey’s GS again and again I asked why and was told supervisor told us we had to or else.

Folks don,t feel bad Caseys general store used to be a family oriented company for 15 years is was fun and worth going to work you really enjoyed doing the job then in the last 5 years it has really went down hill. Now it dosen,t matter what position you have under the area supervisor you seem unable to make them happy they have retaliation methods as not allowing people to get a yearly raise or letting them know that anything they do it is not right. Odd that coporate office sends out e-mails telling you to do this and… Read more »

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