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Memphis, Tennessee

I came into the Captain D’s at the corner of Union and Belvedere in Memphis TN, and it will be the last time I ever go there again. I placed two separate orders, I used the coupons, and my service at the counter was good, pleasant.

Both of these orders were take out orders, but when they called my second order I had to tell them it was a take out order.

The lady at the counter apologized and turned around to the cooks in the window and told them to make this a take out order.

At that point everything began to fall apart. The cooks had an attitude because I was upset because I had to ask four times for my order. When I finally got the last order I was too upset to even check the order and I just walked out. The fries they served were nothing but crumbs. I know customers can be a pain in the ****, I can’t say that I was being difficult and i was treated very wrong. I will never eat at Captain D’s again.

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On Sunday August ll,2013 we visted Captain D’s in Thomaston3616.. Had to wait a while to get my order.. When we received it we asked for Lemons to go with our order. There were none. The lady said she would bring some out to the table. Another party with us asked for lemon also. We never did get any lemon. There was man came up behind us may be 3 orders down asked for lemon and she went to the back and got him some lemon!!


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