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I went to eat lunch at a restaurant. I ordered my food. As I was waiting, I noticed the cook that was preparing my food, bend over to get a plate or something from under the counter. He had his pants pulled down well below his ****, with the crack of his **** showing.

I asked the manager, “you got employees serving food with their pants hanging off their ****? That don’t make no sense.” The manager replied, “what you saying don’t make no sense either.” Then he turned around and walked off.

I went back to the cashier and got my money back.

Their was another customer observing the situation and heard our conversation. They turned and walked out also.

Captian D’s – 4209 Hacks Cross Rd Memphis, Tennessee 38125

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Just finished my Cap’n D’s dinner, purchased at the store on N. Sharon Amity in Charlotte NC. I try to get by at least once a year to see if their food has improved. Well, not yet. The thing that changes most at this place is their prices…which keep going up while the quality does not.When I peer into the takeout window, I see this great hulk of a guy, not at all clean looking, with a huge gut barely covered by a nondescript, faded-almost-to-colorlessness t-shirt stretched tightly across his stomach and clearly at the point of giving up. Baggy,… Read more »

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