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Due to poor conditions in my bank book I needed to get food for my family. I was told I could collect food from the El Sobrante Salvation Army once a month. I went to the appointment on the day I was supposed to. I waited my turn and then my name was called. I went out to the back to get my free food. While I was standing there I noticed the lady was putting freezer burned food in my box. I said No no, I do not need freezer burned food. She informed me she was a volunteer and she was doing what she was told to do. She mentioned that the pastour knew the food was like that also. I said do you know that this kind of food can make you very sick. She knew this.

My complaint is, even though hungry I am not going to except food that is not healthy and bad for me and my family. I went home and all the home I thought of the way the lady acted and her knowingly of what she was doing. I thought someone needs to let all the poor people who get food from the El Sobrante Salvation Army should STOP! Do not except food that is no good.

I continued to put the food away. I got a cake which said Best before Dec. of 2011. FrostingGood before 2012, a ham which was so frozen and ruined when I thawed it out it stunk, also a package of frozen hot dogs that were freezer burned. Loaf of bread that had meldew on the inside. I also got some food that was ok, but not enough food for a meal. Please do something about this. To much food is spoiled and too much is not getting out to the right people. I would not of ever went to the Salvation Army if I did not need to. I am very disappointed in this whole story. I can assure you I will not return to that place again.

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