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I went n a local C-Spire store 2 make a payment! I was told by VK, a Rep., that he was going 2 have 2 put the others behind me n b4 he could take a payment!  My biz wasn’t important I seen so, I left! I was trying 2 make a payment with them cuz my # had went out of the kiosk due 2 my nephew not paying his side of the bill therefore, it went n collections!

I finally paid that off Saturday so, here I try C-Spire 1 more time 2 get my phone back on!  I got the same Rep AGAIN! Which he stood there a few talking 2 another Rep b4 calling me out! He said I couldn’t get it back on ’til I paid the overdue amount! He wanted 2C a receipt! I told him I paid it online! And if they didn’t clear it, it was their problem cuz they should’ve had enough time 2 clear my name from this overdue amount! I said 4get it! I would go somewhere else cuz this was ridiculous!

Me trying 2 give them biz once AGAIN & still get a run around! I called the collection agency & they got my payment! It should’ve been cleared from C-Spire! I’ve been with this company over 10 years & now, I get this kind of service!!!!

So long….

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