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Kenvir, Kentucky

I purchased the side Caesar salad from Wendy’s in Harlan, KY on 1-12-2013. I am aware that these come pre packaged and ready to sell. My complaint is not with the local restaurant itself, it’s with the company chain.

After eating half of my salad, I get to the bottom of the tray and notice there is a small bug, not exactly sure what kind but my husband seemed to think it was the dreaded roach. It did have antennas but I was so grossed out that I couldn’t examine it closely…I didn’t really want to know at that point. The bug was dead and was embedded in one of the salad leaves.

I understand that bugs have a strong tendency to come into contact with vegetation, BUT, these are pre packaged somewhere and note that the trays are very small. Should someone not be checking the quality of food a little more? I think so.

I’m a vegetarian and can’t eat many of the things offered at food chains so the salads were a perfect for me. Not anymore. I would expect this from processed food but fresh salads??

And Wendy’s quote says something about quality fresh…that’s long gone out the door now. They’re just another greasy, gunk filled joint.

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I just got a spicy caesar salad; i began tossing my salad around with the dressing, i take a bite and as I’m going for my second bite i seen this black thing on my cheese. I look closer i see legs and noticed it was a nasty bug, not sure what kind, it has no wings so it cant be a fruit fly. This ruined my complete image of wendys. They were suppose to be one of the top lines of fast food joints and to find bugs in the salad and people making complaints about it for many… Read more »

I had one today in my side Caesar salad and just dumped the whole thing…..awesome I was taking my second bite. I just finished my baked potato with chives and value menu burger so my lunch was not a total loss. I’d eat there again, but never order a salad again.

Ugh. i was almost through the chicken burger with lettuce. saw a dead bug in the lettuce. really small bug so hence did not notice earlier. I got so disgusted. never going to wendy’s again.

I got the Ceasar side salad at Wendy’s today in Altoona Pa and found 6 dead bugs on the lettuce, I stopped routing through it to find more after that because I was so disgusted!!! Apparentally it happens a lot because i’ve found quite a few posts about this. DISGUSTING!

I too just returned a side salad to Wendy’s that I had gotten at lunch today. Found multiple small bugs in the salad!

OMG! this exact thing happened to me TODAY! Never again! How is Wendy’s not doing anything about this?

I got a Wendy’s Caesar side salad today at a Wendy’s in Mesa, AZ and found 2 dead bugs in it. I googled "Wendy’s bugs" and found this post.


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