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Brian L Roberts is in VIOLATION of FCC Rules & Regulations in PIERCE COUNTY WASHINGTON

Started complaining two years ago about DIGITAL DISTORTION on multiple channels.

In two years COMCAST has never delivered the SERVICES they have contracted with us for. The channels are not available or distorted digitally each and every night. We call to complain and they tell us it is a POWER OUTAGE that has been going on for two years. This is an excuse because they for some reason do not want to send a repair technician to fix the problems.

The Problems are not with our equipment because we have all different types of devices and they all fail at providing acceptable television reception. Further we were never notified in advance of any power outages that COMCAST is required to follow by the FCC Rules / regulations.

I need the financial channel and have lost a great deal of money not being able to follow the markets because of digital distortion.

I complained on 1-13-2013 and have asked for a repair technician which they have refused to send.

We have no idea why the customer service is so bad but what we want to know is how can they bill for services that are not being delivered. We need our bill audited and we need a refund for the last two years because they have not provided the services that they agreed to.

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Mr. Brian Roberts/CEO Comcast Ifinity I call Comcast December 14, 2016 at 2:45pm regarding my bill of $171.89 I got and email today saying that Comcast had bill the credit cards that end of 31893 and 0526. Wish I have not idea whose credit card it bellows to. I dint not made a call to Comcast to pay this amount with those credit cards. I spoke to and agent, and she I told her that Comcast had made a mistake charging this bill to a credit card that I don’t have and idea who it bellow too. She said she… Read more »
I have no idea why Comcast calls it customer service when in fact no service is ever offered/providedl. Problems, problems, problems, all the time with Comcast. A Comcast service representative standard reply to any problem is always the same: Reboot your system, turn the equipment and wait 15 second, or your router is bad (3 routers in the last 14 months, give me a break). if you can get anyone who can speak English or without an accent so thick you cannot understand them. With Comcast it is a weekly/monthly problem du jour. And promises, Comcast does not know what… Read more »
I had a tech come out to install my internet. My roommate told him where I wanted it. The tech informed him he could only put it where the jack is. So he put it in front of my front door. I called to complain about this and informed them there is a jack where I wanted it in the first place he was to lazy to move a chair and look. or go outside to see that the cable went in there as well. So they sent him back out to do it right and charged me another $33… Read more »
On 3-13-13, I had the triple bundle installed. TV, Phone, Internet plus Home Security. I was not satisfied with the internet and phone service or home security. I called, within the 30 day money back guarantee and a technician came to my home and removed the equipment for the internet, phone and home security. I asked him about the security keypad on the wall and was advised that they did not remove this pad. Much to my dismay, when I called Comcast about the 30 day guarantee refund and why I was still getting billed for everything, I was advised… Read more »
xfinity comcast has the most ridiculous, incompentent, irresponsible customer tech support I have ever encountered. I am 3 weeks into a problem that the source of which has been identified, but nothing is done to resolve it. I cannot believe that I pay for this service and also have to spend hours of my free time on the phone dealing with representatives that do not listen, do not have access to case notes, and cannot be consistent when articulating company policy. It is the most abysmall experience in customer service I have ever experience. Correction: the most abysymall experience would… Read more »

Comcast is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure to work with in my life. Their customer service dept. is disgraceful. They change the times of their appointments without telling you.

Their tech. are weak.

Sutpid company, delivering wervice that is margenal at best.

Re written : I want (Mr CEO BRAIN L ROBERTS ): To Beware I’m going to File a class action Law suit against your firm : For not informing me to know that I had a choice of having my phone numbers to be either private or publish.I added phone service back in Sept 2012.For health reason .I gave up my land line with another provider due to the fact I was cutting back on budget . The fact that I been had problems with my cell phone and was advice by family members to have a back up plan… Read more »
Ms. Leggroan THANK YOU for your letter. I would Love to join your class action Law suit someone has to STOP this company from having a Monopoly on the cable and internet service. Mr. Brain L Roberts should be ashamed to say he runs the MOST HATED COMPANY IN THE WORLD I HATE THIS COMPANY SO MUCH I have tried for 2 weeks to find another provider because I don’t want anything to do with Comcast. Direct TV has cable but no internet or phone. DAM I’m ready to take out a full page ad in the DAILY News to… Read more »

Just so you know what they should have told you and should tell all customers and what I found out after paying to have a private number is this:

The telephone book gets published only once a year as well as your number being updated in information. You only have to subscribe and pay for the month of October after that you are just giving them your money. Yes they are " slick theirs"

Add if you don’t want to post my comment because it has to be approved that ok cause I’m going public with the new media!

I want Mr CEO BRAIN L ROBERTS : To Beware I’m going to File a class action Law suit against your firm : For not letting people know that they have a choice of having the phone numbers to be either private or publish.I added phone service back in Sept 2012.For Health reason .I gave up my land line with another provider do to the fact I was cutting back . Due to the fact that I had problems with my cell phone and was advice by family members to have a back up plan .(So we added the Triple… Read more »
I have been unable to receive e-mail in my XFinity mailbox now for about 4 weeks. The problems started when I got some 280 mailer-daemon messages, completely unrelated to me, or anyone I know. When I complained I was told to change my password, which I did. Since then, I have received zero e-mail in my account ( On Sat. Feb. 22, I spoke live to one technical representative at Comcast after being placed on hold for 45 min. That person could do nothing for me, and was totally useless. Then I spoke online on their help line to two… Read more »

Just wanted to update everyone on my original complaint posted on 2/21. I did finally resolve this issue with a Comcast rep. who actually called me (located in Denver, CO). He solved my problem within 5 min. Everything works as usual. Why did I have to talk to three other incompetent idiots, who could not help me in the first place? Comcast/Xfinity needs to clean house and get rid of some of these "off shore" useless tech’s. I doubt this previous posting helped, but maybe somebody actually read it? Good luck out there……

Sent Mr Roberts a certified letter Nov 2012. No response. After 16 years of being a true customer, I am ignored. Bye Bye Comcast Xfinity. Direct Tv is saving me over 60 a mo on my same bundle!

Comcast is the worst especially Melissa Mendoza in Customer Service!

these people charged me 64.50 for free installation I cancelled my service 2daysafter being hooked up they suck

I have had numerous people call me about a deliquent amount due.. which is not due.. The contract workers Comcast has working for them agreed to one new service price and I was billed another.. This has been the worse service experience.. people calling and yelling at me~


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